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Connect to customers, get real-time sales results, and analyze your foot traffic on any device, from anywhere.

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If you don’t understand your foot traffic, ​​ you are losing money

If you are a large-ticket, brick-and-mortar retailer, your sales team’s performance is critical to the success of your business. As digital marketing and human selling methods converge, you need to understand what’s happening every step of your customer journey, especially the moment they walk through your door.

Q4-2023 Benchmark Report

See how your store compares on things like.. (formerly Doorcounts)

Business Intelligence that CONNECTS...

More sales to grow your business faster

  • 10x ROI delivered for every 1% increase to your conversion rate

  • 33% average sales conversions with top performers exceeding 40%

  • 100% guaranteed to increase your sales conversion in 30 days

Better insights to your business decisions

  • 77 metrics tracked in real-time, by the minute

  • A constant feedback loop for continuous improvement

  • Crucial info on staffing levels which has the biggest impact on sales

  • Resolves the time aspect that is missing on assessing engagement and sales skills

Every customer with a salesperson

  • A smart camera sends a photo to the next salesperson’s smartphone on the up board

  • Salesperson records the interaction in the CRM on a terminal, tablet or smartphone

  • Next actions are automatically scheduled and/or fulfilled

  • Never miss another sales opportunity

Your foot traffic data to any device from anywhere

  • Built on Oracle

  • Cloud based

  • Smart CRM and camera 

  • Open API connectivity

69 Real-Time Charts and Reports
Tracking 75 Metrics

Actual Visit Date

Add-On Sales by Count of Transactions

Add-On Sales by Location & Salesperson

Add-On Sales by Percent of Sale Amount

Add-On Sales by Percent of Transactions

Add-On Sales by Value

Adjusted Sales by Location & Salesperson

Advertising by Location & Salesperson

Advertising by No Sales

Advertising by Potential Sales

Advertising by Sales

Assigned Customers by Location & Salesperson

Average Counts by Day

Average Counts by Door

Average Counts by Location & Salesperson

Average Counts by Weekday

Average Sale by Location & Salesperson

Average Sale by Monthly Comparison

Average Sale by Sales Staff Rank

Average Time With Customers by Location & Salesperson (All)

Average Time With Customers by Location & Salesperson (No Sales)

Average Time With Customers by Location & Salesperson (Potential Sales)

Average Time With Customers by Location & Salesperson (Sales)

Comments by Location & Salesperson

Counts by Day

Counts by Hour

Counts by Location & Salesperson

Credits by Location & Salesperson

Custom Metrics by Location & Salesperson

Customer Follow-Up Method

Dashboard (multiple metrics by Location & Salesperson)

Estimated Value

Exclude Reasons by Location & Salesperson

Exclude Reasons by Time Excluded

Excluded Counts by Location & Salesperson

Executive View (Real-Time Metrics across all Locations and Salespeople)

In Process Customers by Location & Salesperson

Next Action

No Sale Reasons by Location & Salesperson

No Sale Stage by Location & Salesperson

No Sales by Location & Salesperson

Opportunities by Location & Salesperson

Podium Reviews Received by Number of Stars and by Location & Salesperson

Podium Reviews Sent by Location & Salesperson

Potential Sales by Location & Salesperson


Product Category by Location & Salesperson

Prospecting Percent by Location & Salesperson

Reassign Reason by Location & Salesperson

Reassigned Opportunities by Location & Salesperson

Recent Visit Date

Reject Reason by Location & Salesperson

Rejected Opportunities by Location & Salesperson

Returning Customers by Location & Salesperson

Returns by Location & Salesperson

Revenue Per Opportunity by Location & Salesperson

Revenue Per Opportunity by Monthly Comparison

Revenue Per Opportunity by Sales Staff Rank

Sale / Potential / No Sale by Location & Salesperson

Sales by Location & Salesperson

Sales Conversion by Location & Salesperson

Sales Conversion by Monthly Comparison

Sales Conversion by Sales Staff Rank

Sales Vs. Opportunities by Location & Salesperson

Sales Vs. Opportunities by Monthly Comparison

Sales Vs. Opportunities by Sales Staff Rank

Salesperson Status (Logged In, Available, With Customer, Off the Board, Gone Home, Etc.)

Scheduled Action Date

Scheduled Action Status by Location & Salesperson

Scheduled Actions by Location & Salesperson

Time With Customers by Location & Salesperson (Minutes)

Time With Customers by Location & Salesperson (Percent)

Total Sales by Location & Salesperson

Total Sales by Monthly Comparison

Total Sales by Sales Staff Rank

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