Did you catch our last webinar with the Friedman Group? 
Over the last 14 weeks we have partnered with Karen Barry of The Friedman Group, to do some deep dives into 7 different hot topics in Retail Sales.

This last webinar of the series was entitled, “That’s My Customer!” – Building Personal Trade

What is Personal Trade, and why is it so important?

Here are some of the highlights Karen covered:

  • Customers who ask for a specific sales associate on any visit or telephone call
  • May be repeat customers or referrals
  • Personal trade clients are much more likely to buy.. And when they do their average sale is higher than the store’s average sale.
  • It’s always easier to sell to a repeat customer

How do you earn the right to follow up with clients?

Throughout the selling process look for opportunities to gather some personal information such as:

  • Family details
  • Work
  • Personal tastes for future recommendations
  • Lifestyle and hobbies
  • Language and culture

Be practical about this. Don’t make it into an interrogation

Record details in a system like Doorcounts. In the Doorcounts CRM, there is a searchable database. (Check out this video if you want to have a peek at it)

For example, your store is having a sale on leather loveseats. You know you have spoken to several people in the last month about their need for ‘a new loveseat’ . Now you can search and filter everyone that has expressed an interest and use that as an opportunity to build personal trade with them!

Karen said it best when she said:

“You earn the right to follow up later, by the work we do while they are inside the store.” 

What are some strategies for building long term client relationships?

Diligent follow-up sets you apart from the competition, creates trust and generates sales.

Some follow up ideas:

  • Thank you notes
    Send a personal, handwritten thank you note.This creates a powerful and positive impression on your customers.
    Don’t make it about a discount or coupon.

  • Telephone
    • Getting permission to talk.
    • Identify yourself and confirm that they have time to talk.
    • Use your words to enhance communication. Deliver a headline. Make it brief.
    • Gaining a commitment or having an action plan

  • Email
    • Use a non-robotic subject line.
    • Keep it short and simple. Include photos and/or links.
    • Close with your plan for follow-up.

  • Social media 

    • Keep tone positive and lighthearted when tagging customers.
    • Remember the effect of social media is meant to be cumulative.
    • Report and react at every opportunity, and remember others are reading.
    • Know when to switch to private messaging.
    • Don’t flood their feed, but stay top of mind.

  • Text messaging
    • The customer belongs to the store, not the salesperson.
    • Less formal does not mean unprofessional.
    • Don’t overdo it.
    • If possible, use a store-owned device.

When it comes to developing your personal trade business, the most important factor isn’t technique or even strategy. It is simply your understanding of the value of personal trade and your commitment to fully realizing that value.

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