During this week’s webinar, I mention a call I was on with this national retail chain and one of their regional reps tells a story about how “traffic tripled as soon as we installed Doorcounts”.

I thought to myself, “wait a minute… Doorcounts can’t increase traffic”.

Then it hit me…

This guy was not talking about actually tripling traffic. He was talking about truly seeing his foot traffic in ways he had never seen it before.

It reminded me of this viral videos were this guy who experiences colorblindness puts on these special glasses and sees color for the first time.

…Total tearjerker.

Just like our retailer’s traffic, the colors were always there, he just couldn’t see them.

Well, I’m pretty sure the rep on our call was exaggerating a little. But his point was spot on…

You really don’t know what your missing until you see it with your own eyes.

That’s what Doorcounts does, it lets you see your traffic with your own eyes, in ways you have never seen it, real-time, from anywhere, perfectly accurate for the first time.

And just like the guy who sees color for the first time, the experience is priceless.

Did you know that Doorcounts has over 69 real-time charts covering 75 different performance metrics?  Book a demo and let us show you how Doorcounts can help you convert traffic into sales right before your eyes.