As we start December, it’s time we see what it takes to become a top-performing store.

Despite this November having less foot traffic than last year, both the furniture and mattress industry saw significant increases in their average ticket in November 2022.

This week we take a look at the top 20% of stores with the highest conversion rates in both the furniture and mattress industry to see how November played out.


  • November in the furniture industry: Changes in traffic and increases in the average ticket.
  • November in the mattress industry: How the mattress industry increased conversion rate by 4%.


Here’s a look at last week’s foot traffic compared to the same time last year.

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Week 40 Retail Foot traffic 2022


Industry insights so you can convert your foot traffic into more sales.

November 2022: Furniture industry

November 2022 furniture industry metrics

November 2022: Mattress industry

November 2022 mattress industry metrics

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