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Retail Traffic Trends #130: Memorial Weekend Traffic Recap

Just as sound has the power to captivate and immerse, color possesses an equally remarkable ability to anchor and transform. Imagine this: by carefully selecting the perfect palette for each section of your store, you can weave a personalized shopping …

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Retail Traffic Trends #129: Customer experience takes the cake

Today, more than ever before, customers have a multitude of choices at their fingertips. Creating exceptional experiences for customers has become a make-or-break and holds the power to sway their loyalty, satisfaction, and ultimately, their decision to return. This week …

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Retail Traffic Trends #128: April 2023 Metrics are in! 📊🕰️

This April, the furniture industry saw an impressive 12% increase in daily revenue, while the mattress industry experienced a similar 19% boost in average ticket prices.  This week we will take a closer look at what drove these improvements in …

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Retail Traffic Trends #127: Wake up and smell the data!

Customers now expect a personalized shopping experience instead of just wanting it. Because consumers are now more aware of how their personal information is being collected and shared, and there are tighter regulations on the collection of third-party data, it …

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Retail Traffic Trends #126: Understanding the 2023 Consumer

Over the past year, the pandemic has caused significant changes in consumer behavior and accelerated trends that were already in motion. This week, we’ll explore the latest insights on consumer spending and trends, as well as take a closer look …

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Retail Traffic Trends #125: The Q1 Benchmark Report has Arrived!

We’re excited to announce the release of our Q1 benchmark report, featuring the latest insights and trends in the retail industry. We’ll be diving into the data and highlighting key findings that will help you better understand consumer behavior and …

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