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The History of Marketing (1980-2020)

THEN > NOWWhite Pages > Google/Bing Search Yellow Pages > SEO/PPC Interruption > Permission Outbound > Inbound Collection > Connection Statements > StoriesEgocentric (We, Our) > Client-centric (You, Your) Brand as Hero > Brand as Guide, Client as Hero

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20/20 Foresight and the “Woulda,Coulda,Shouldas”

We all have regrets about the past… an opportunity we missed, if we only knew what we know now. They say hindsight is 20/20. But it takes foresight to combine a vision of the future with the right action properly …

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It is easier to paddle a canoe on a calm lake. Resilient systems are much more efficient and effective. They rely on workflows that function in spite of setbacks, barriers or even limited resources. They do not rely on top-down …

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Make 2020 Better than 20/20 (Vision)!

You know that thing where you become aware of something—an unfamiliar word, item, image, or action—and then see it again and again, seemingly everywhere you look. It’s called the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon. …It works in the other direction, as well. Troxler …

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Podium and Doorcounts—Together at Last! ❤️

Announcing the Podium™ and Doorcounts™ Upgrade! If Podium and Doorcounts had a baby, its name would be More Sales. They say love comes in many shapes and sizes. And if you are a successful brick-and-mortar retailer, what you love are …

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When it comes to your retail traffic conversion rate, seeing is believing

Ever felt like you should be doing better but you can’t see what’s holding you back? Some people say that seeing is believing, and there are those who say believing is seeing. It is true that sometimes we can’t see …

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