Privacy Policy

Floorboard LLC (“Doorcounts”, “we”, and/or “us”) respect your privacy and are committed to providing an up-to-date privacy policy. This privacy policy is to give you information on how Doorcounts collects and uses personal data when using Doorcounts Retail Sales Cloud. 

This policy is intended to help you understand

    • What data we collect
    • How we store the data we collect
    • How we use the data collected
    • Who we share the collected data with
Data we collect

There are two types of information we collect: Information about shoppers who visit our retailers’ stores–which is limited to name, address, email, and phone number–and information about our retailers’ sales performance activity of individual salespeople and stores. In addition, we collect photos of customers entering a store. These photos are only used to connect a shopper to a salesperson and are not connected to a customers personal information. 

How we store the data we collect

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 

All of the data collected is stored on Oracle cloud servers.  To ensure privacy, Oracle uses a “ubiquitous encryption” program with the goal of encrypting all data, everywhere, always. For customer tenant data, Oracle uses encryption both at-rest and in-transit. The Block Volumes and Object Storage services enable at-rest data encryption by default, by using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm with 256-bit encryption. In-transit control plane data is encrypted by using Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 or later.

Click Here to read more about Oracle Cloud’s privacy statement.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Photos taken within the Doorcounts system are stored on Amazon Web Service. All data flowing across the AWS global network that interconnects data centers and regions is automatically encrypted at the physical layer before it leaves secured facilities. Additional encryption layers exist as well; for example, all VPC cross-region peering traffic, and customer or service-to-service TLS connections. 

Click here to read more about Amazon Web Services data privacy.

How we use the data we collect

We collect and store data to enable our retailers to stay connected to their customers and to improve every shopping experience, the performance of their salespeople and their business. In addition, we aggregate the performance data within our system to share information, insights, and industry trends with our community of retailers.  This information is free of any personal details about  individual shoppers and our retailers specific performance.

Who do we share the data we collect with?

Our system provides different levels of access and permissions as determined by a retailer’s system administrator. The information collected is specific to each retailer we serve.  And, in no way do we ever sell or share our retailers’ information about their shoppers for any reason. 

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