Sell more with real-time data With Doorcounts, it’s easy to see your teams connect with customers and skyrocket your sales.

If you don’t understand your foot traffic, ​​ you are losing money

If you are a large-ticket, brick-and-mortar retailer, your sales team’s performance is critical to the success of your business. As digital marketing and human selling methods converge, you need to understand what’s happening every step of your customer journey, especially the moment they walk through your door.

Track what matters most

With over 75 metrics, you can track your salespeople from the moment they connect to customers, follow up, and make a sale.

See results instantly

From the second you go live, you’ll see every opportunity as it unfolds, turning into sales right before your eyes.

On any device, from anywhere

Gathering sales data has never been easier. Doorcounts only requires two clicks from a salesperson to get all the information you need in the palm of your hand. 

Encourage, inspire, reward

Encourage desired behaviors, inspire better performance and reward results with our upcoming rewards program with (Anticipated release date September 2021)

API connectivity

Simply integrate a wide array of POS and other utilities like Podium and automatically generate up to 69 different performance charts and reports about every step of your customer buying journey.


For every 1% increase you make to your conversion rate, Doorcounts delivers a 10X ROI. This means for every dollar you invest in Doorcounts, you get $10.

Make more sales in 3 easy CLICKS


With one click, your salespeople connect with your customers as they walk through the door.


A second click lets them record the outcome with a: sale, no sale, or potential sale.


A third click lets you see key performance metrics (KPM) by the minute, from anywhere, on any device.

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Additional users (Over 5 users in the store subscription)

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Includes one smart camera, hardware, staff training plus ongoing support, and installation


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Additional Doors

Smart Camera and Hardware


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