According to our Q3 Retail Foot Traffic Benchmark Report, 41 minutes is the average time a potential customer visits a furniture store to make a purchase.

Contrast this with the 7 year repeat purchase rate, and the phrase “there is no time like the present” can take on significant meaning.

For most people, time just seems to be something ticking in the background. But not for you…

As the world rotates on its axis and circles the sun, your advertising reaches across space and time to customers who will visit your store years into the future. And when they do, 41 minutes may be all you get before they are gone, perhaps for another 7 years.

John Archibald Wheeler said time is what stops everything from happening all at once.

What does stop everything at once is a camera. A click of a lens captures a moment in time and freezes it for an eternity…

Well, maybe not an eternity.

This is why we publish the Doorcounts Retail Foot Traffic Benchmark Report. It gives our customers a way to stop everything all at once (real-time) and compare what the Doorcounts Retail Sales Cloud data is telling them about where they’ve been and how they got to where they are.

And while the sun moves across the sky, retail shoppers come and go like shadows changing in direction and length, as days turn into nights, ushering in each new season until the next time they return to buy again.