Travel to any small town across America’s vast heartland, and one of the the first things you will see, from a distance, is a water tower.

In simpler time, all it took was a gentle breeze to push the veins on a windmill that ran the pump that filled the water tower. Gravity made sure there was clean water at every level of demand.

Like a town needs a constant source of clean water, your business needs essential data. And like a water tower, you need a way to store your data so it can be accessed when, where, and however you need it.

Today, the road a person travels to become your client is called the “customer buying journey”.

Frankly, I’d say, the “customer buying journey” is a phrase that is becoming far too popular for its own good.

Anyway, if you use modern marketing methods, you can see a customer’s buying journey from the moment she visits your website, downloads your lead generator, and clicks on your ad. And you can even see the moment a potential customer enters your business and connects with your representative.

Best of all, if you have a way to collect the essential data about your customer’s buying journey, you can access that data to improve their buying experience at every step of the way and maximize every sales opportunity as well!