It’s in the click from a thousand miles away and every time your door opens.

It’s in the moment a salesperson connects with a first time shopper and when a lifelong customer returns to buy again.

It’s the insight that helps you make better business decisions.

It’s your retail foot traffic data, and it is essential to your future success.

The phrase “door opener” is about the beginning of an opportunity.

On a metaphorical level a door can become an entrance to almost anything, but it is most commonly used to symbolize the entrance to another world. In business this means a world of insights into the hopes, dreams and aspirations of what our customers really want and need… Not just the external material things, but the internal need for creative expression, human connection, acceptance and, dare I say, even life’s meaning.

Now that’s a heck of a lot to expect from your retail foot traffic data!

When a door is locked it keeps people out, and when a door is opened connections are made and possibilities are realized.

But what about you?

Is your traffic data locked behind a door of mystery? Are you left to predict what’s happening, making metaphors to try and explain what is unknown?

Even when we think we have the answers, there are things unseen, hidden from sight.

One of the oldest metaphors using a door is when Jesus explains what it takes for a rich man to get into heaven. In it, he says it is easier for a camel to pass through “the eye of a needle”. The eye of the needle has been claimed to be a narrow door leading into the City of Jerusalem when the main gate was closed at night for security. It is said to be too small for a camel to pass through unless it was stooped and had its baggage removed.

Here, a literal door provides a metaphor about how to see deeper meaning into one of life’s greatest mysteries.

But the answer to how to grow your business is no mystery. It lies in your ability to collect essential data and use it to improve every shopping experience and maximize every sales opportunity.

Each year, hundreds-maybe even thousands-of people travel from all directions and pass through a seven foot wide door to enter your store, with hopes of finding what they are searching for.

The question is, when they do, will you have the data you need to help them find it?

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