There is no way to avoid disruption to your business caused by adding a new location, a change of location, or even a remodel. These are physical or external changes.

But what about the disruption caused by internal changes such as improving workflows or the performance of your team?

This kind of change can create an internal conflict in the minds of your people.

The dilemma posed by an internal conflict usually takes the form of an emotional or philosophical question. An emotional question might be, “Am I good enough?” or “What was it I did wrong?” A philosophical question might be something like, “Why can’t things stay the same? Why do they always have to change?”

Watch almost any movie and you are seeing internal conflict as it plays out. It is the struggle that occurs within a character’s mind… like when the character wants something, but just can’t reach it.

In the movie Star Wars, the hero, Luke Skywalker, practices every day and dreams of being a Jedi Knight. Then the change happens that calls him to action. He questions his ability, is encouraged by his mentor, faces his fears, and wins the day.

Your people are the heroes in your company’s story. Fortunately, in real life, most change happens slowly and doesn’t threaten the entire existence of your business. But, to your people, change can cause internal conflict that impacts their emotional and philosophical mindset, and, ultimately, their performance.

The key is to create a culture that embraces change by making it a regular part of your everyday operations… Because if you want to improve, there is no way to avoid change and the disruption it causes.

The question is: How much change can you spare when it comes to growing your business?