In your business, at any given time, you and your people can be going through every imaginable situation life has to offer… the good and the bad… the ups and the downs… all while you are doing your best to make your most intelligent business decisions and grow.

But to make an intelligent decision you need information.

Many times in our lives, we are required to make decisions regardless of whether we have the information we need or not. The opportunity arises, the situation presents itself, and you must decide.

And as we know, all too well, no decision is a decision.

Some of the hardest decisions are the ones where you will not see immediate results. Now, not only do you need information about making a decision, but you need ongoing information about the decision you made.

This is where a meaningful set of guiding principles and key performance benchmarks can help. Like the ones in our Retail Benchmark Series.

Too much information leaves you blinded by information overload, and not enough can keep you in the dark.

But time marches on and there are decisions to be made.

And the million dollar question remains:

How much information does it take to make an intelligent business decision? The answer is… the right amount of information! Not just any information, but the right amount, when and where you need it.

No more. No less.