Our introduction video ends by saying:

“Either you are closing your eyes to a situation you do not wish to see, or you are unaware of how many people are walking away.”

There are things we cannot see without the help of another point of view. This point of view can be through the eyes of another person, or through the lens of a device designed to help us see what the naked eye cannot.

This also works in reverse.

We may be unaware of how we are seen–how what we are doing is affecting our results and the lives of others.

Another possibility is that we are choosing not to see something. Maybe because if we did, we would have to make an uncomfortable change.

This may not be you at all. There may be people who don’t want you to see something because of the changes you would make.

Or what if you simply didn’t know there was a way to see something?

Take our Q2 Retail Benchmark Report for instance. Maybe you didn’t know there was a way to compare your business to a wide array of peer performance metrics.

Is your business operating at the low end of our Benchmark Report, or is it at the high end?

Or could it be that you don’t even know what your conversion rate is? In which case, you could have a blind spot…

You could have a blind spot that is preventing you from seeing the full potential of your business.

We all have blind spots. The question is, what are you going to do about yours?

Some people prefer to close their eyes to a situation they do not wish to see. Others are simply unaware of how many people are walking away without buying.

Which one are you?

Maybe neither, in which case you are probably operating your business at the high end of our Q2 Retail Benchmark Report.