Most people don’t know the full power of Doorcounts, and we find a complete diagnostic performance analysis can reveal valuable opportunities to dramatically increase store profitability. 

In fact, we are seeing many of our customers using the CRM feature in Doorcounts to stay connected to their customers and drive serious sales, even with the shutdown in full force.

Don’t get us wrong, what we are talking about here are our “power users”…the 20 percent Vilfredo Pareto refers to in his Law of the Vital Few.

Book your TOTALLY FREE business performance analysis today.

During this difficult time, we want to assure our customers the business intelligence safely locked inside their Doorcounts Retail Sales Cloud is the key to their rapid recovery once the economy reopens. This is why we are offering a free performance analysis while our retailers prepare for what’s next.

To create more power users, we’ve launched Data by Doorcounts, where we are hosting a weekly podcast (coming soon) and regular webinars, with strategic partners like The Friedman Group and Podium, as well as other interesting experts, both internal and external.

Check out our first webinar replay in the series replay featuring Karen Barry of the Friedman Group, entitled:

High Performance Management in a Low Performance World

Another regular segment going forward is Features Friday, hosted by our cofounder, Doug Rien, and expert, Andrew Cayson, where we talk about ways to leverage the awesome power of your Doorcounts’ many business intelligence tools and resources. 

Any special requests? We are interested in hearing from our customers, and any one else, on how we can be of service during these unprecedented times.

We understand that the retail world as we know it has changed, probably forever.

But this does not necessarily have to be a bad thing—that is not as long as you can see the data you need to improve every shopping experience and maximize every sales opportunity.

Most of all, we want retailers everywhere to know our commitment is that, as you ramp up your business in this brave new world, you can say, “SIX FEET BACK” to low performance with the Doorcounts team on your side.