Effectively engaging customers in these unusual times doesn’t have to be a mystery!

During our May 13 Webinar, the 3rd in our 7 part series, Karen Barry of The Friedman Group talked about how to engage customers, the most critical step in all of selling.

Here is a replay of the webinar.


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Also, join us for our next webinar in the series titled:


“How Much Money is being Left on the Table?…and other Retail Mysteries”.


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Engaging customers is, without a doubt, the most critical step in all of selling and one that salespeople struggle with the most. In”Can I Help You?  Are You Finding Everything

Alright? and Other Retail Tragedies”,Karen Barry revealed the following insights with special consideration to the ongoing and post-Covid 19 sales environment.  Listen to the replay and learn:


  • Why opening the sale effectively is so essential
  • Why customer resistance exists and how to get past it
  • How to create a welcome environment
  • How engaging customers is as much about your physical approach as what you say

What to do when all else fails

The Friedman group specializes in retail sales training and retail consulting, and Doorcounts automates and captures your sales data in a digital system format. so you can use that data to improve your team and increase conversions. The two systems totally compliment each other.  And they go together in a powerful one-two punch!

Whether you’ve already opened or are about to re-open, be safe, and remember we’re here to help.