20/20 is a term that is used to measure clarity or sharpness of vision. With a focus on the future, we have a few tips that we hope will give you 20/20 vision in 2021.


  • See how your team can start the year with 20/20 vision
  • Target’s key to thriving in the ever-changing retail environment
  • Eat dessert guilt-free in front of your furry friends’ thanks to Ben and Jerry’s new frozen dog treats
  • Cure traffic blindness with a 90-day free trial today

And, here’s what’s in next week’s edition: Foot traffic and stock market correlation 


Here’s a look at last week’s foot traffic compared to the same time last year.


This is where each week we highlight a feature within Doorcounts. This week’s feature is:

The Executive View

Imagine getting a daily overview of your foot traffic as it’s happening.

The Executive View is intended for managers to see a quick report of all the opportunities and sales made for each store. While the tab looks similar to the upboard, instead of showing photos of customers, it displays the breakdown of the sales vs opportunities.


Industry insights so you can convert your foot traffic into more sales.

This week we take our first look forward into 2021 and see the ways we can start the year on the right foot.


20/20 vision

Last January we took a look at how we could all begin the year with 20/20 vision of our businesses.
The same knowledge we preached a year ago is still relevant to today.
You know that thing where you become aware of something—an unfamiliar word, item, image, or action—and then see it again and again, seemingly everywhere you look. It’s called the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon.

…It works in the other direction, as well.

Troxler Fading is an optical illusion where, if we are presented with a steady image in our peripheral vision, we eventually stop seeing it over time.

So if we tend to over-see at first, and stop seeing once something‘s too familiar, how do we see what we need to see to improve?

The answer is to see differently.

How, you ask?

Find your blindspot


There are things we cannot see without the help of another point of view. This point of view can be through the eyes of another person, or through the lens of a device designed to help us see what the naked eye cannot.

This also works in reverse.

We may be unaware of how we are seen–how what we are doing is affecting our results and the lives of others.

Another possibility is that we are choosing not to see something. Maybe because if we did, we would have to make an uncomfortable change.


…and cure YOUR traffic blindness!

We’ve updated our “mockumentary” style video on traffic blindness and how YOU can recognize the early signs of this silent killer of sales.

Although we have fun with the concept of Traffic blindness, losing sales is no joke.

Get your 90-day free trial today and start turning your foot traffic into more sales, with no obligation. And you already have Doorcounts, get an upgrade.


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