This week we take a look at the changing consumer perception and the factors affecting the retail industry in 2021.


  • Financial relief and the effect on retail sales
  • The changing consumer perception in the furniture industry
  • Different ways to close the digital divide between online and physical stores
  • Dos Marcos mattress podcast explains creating a culture of ownership
  • Turn your foot traffic into more sales with a 90-day free trial of Doorcounts 3.0.

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Here’s a look at last week’s foot traffic compared to the same time last year.


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This week we take a deep dive into consumer behavior and end the factors that affected retail in 2021.

A shift in consumer behavior

From spending more time on leisure activities to an expectation for online and physical stores to coexist, the retail industry has seen a major shift in consumer behavior.
As we expected, the pandemic initially resulted in a major spike in online sales as people tried to limit their exposure.
 In 2021 there has been a shift from consumers exclusively shopping online to an expectation for online to be an extension of the physical store.
This is good news for retailers as it shows that consumers still want to shop in-store, but want to limit their time there.
Essentially, people want to find exactly what they want online and to be told exactly which store or location they can pick up the product. For retailers, this means having your website regularly updated with the inventory in-store.

US vs UK retail sales

While the US saw a 5.3% increase in sales in January 2021, the UK saw an 8.2% decrease. Why would this be?
Last month the second round of stimulus checks went out in the US.  As we know, if you give us Americans money, we will spend it.
It’s clear that there are multiple variables besides the pandemic that are affecting the retail foot traffic.
The UK, which received no financial relief within the last month, struggles to see constant foot traffic in their stores.
Compared to February 2020 before the pandemic was in full effect, retail sales volume is down 5.5% in the UK.
It is very likely that without the financial relief in the US, the retail industry would’ve seen a similar drop as the UK.

This week on Dos Marcos

this week our friends at Dos Marcos explains creating a culture of ownership and why you shouldn’t train salespeople to get things right.

Leisure time

Another shift in consumer behavior is consumers spending more time on leisure activities such as self-care, mental health, and physical wellness products.

This shift is a result of people spending a significantly more amount of time at home over the last year.
For the first time in ten years, the amount of time people spend watching television is up.
Thankfully for the furniture industry, more time spent watching tv means more time realizing how uncomfortable your couch is.
As always, we will keep you updated as consumer behavior continues to change.

Pandemic actions and consumer perception

As the pandemic continues, consumer perception of stores is changing depending on the actions and messaging of retailers.
A study that polled 2,000 retailers in the US and UK found that 86% of people have changed their perception and 70% have changed their behavior toward certain companies because of the pandemic.
While some customers want to feel as safe as possible, others want to feel like they can have a normal shopping experience.
There’s no right or wrong solution to consumer perception, but you can never go wrong with being clear with your customers about what you are doing in the current retail environment.


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