This week on the FAM, Dr. V of Miskelly talks about why his team loves using Doorcounts.

Dr. V explains, “If we can track it, we can improve it.” 

Dr. V Transcription

Well, years ago, I read a book by john Lowe Han. And I love the way and one of his big tag lines was you can improve it unless you can measure. And that in and of itself is just such a great concept.

Now it’s obvious, but you need to have the benchmark. So one of the reasons why we chose to go with door counts was to get a really good accurate measurement of our foot traffic when they come in.

So that was the big thing initially with we found it to be so much greater value than that, because our salespeople use it to be able to capture the information for our guests.

When they come through the doors. We actually get a photograph of them, it comes right up on Doorcounts.

We know exactly which salesperson is going to be assigned to which guests when they come in, you know one of the biggest complaints you sometimes get as a guest that goes, You know, I came into your store, I walked around for 30 minutes and no one ever approached me.

Well, we don’t deal with that anymore.

Because with Doorcounts, we’re able to capture their picture comes right up on the laptop, we know which salesperson has been assigned to who, therefore we don’t lose them. In that sense, we’re also able to capture their information.

We’re also able to email them back if we know we got a particular promotion coming up it tracks or close ratio.

Once again, if we can track it, we can improve it.