This week on Dos Marcos, the Mattress Man from Sweet Dreams Furniture and Mattress explains how energy attracts foot traffic.

Each day when his team walks into the store, they hit a Doorcounts dance.

Since Doorcounts takes photos automatically when you walk in, all it takes is some dance moves in front of the camera to energize the team.

As said best by Dos Marcos, If you are having fun, you’ve already won.


Doorcounts, I mean is the ultimate Retail Sales Cloud solution. But I mean, it’s, it’s this magical way for you to capture what’s happening in your store and make meaning of it. And that’s the thing about it, you can get all this data, but you got to make meaning of it, and you got to hopefully use it for fun. So yeah, Doorcounts as snapping a photo of somebody assigning them to a salesperson on an artboard. It’s a contact management solution CRM, and all of that stuff. But you gotta you I think you need to use it like, Matt man uses it.

So Andrew, this lesser, he’s, you know, he’s got his own podcast on the fam. And what he decided to do is, is think about it like this energy attracts foot traffic.  

Every day when he walks in his store, Sweet dreams Furniture and Mattress,  he uses the Doorcounts camera because it’s automatic. And so striking a pose and we have all these up on one of our on the episode with him on

 It’s just such a cool creative way to take something that’s like a process, a kind of a technology tool. Then turn it into fun. The more you’re having fun, you’ve already won.

And we think you can have fun with Doorcounts and the Doorcounts team and actually make more money. You can prove to yourself with a 90-day free trial that you’re going to make more money. So go to Get a 90-day free trial, and if you don’t want to use Doorcounts at the end of it. Jerry’s going to peel off 150 bucks hand it to you and say thank you. And if you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it so there’s no risk whatsoever.