Every week, Doorcounts users inspire and help us implement new and improved features that give new life to the system that retailers rely on every day.

Doorcount’s new look and design make it easier than ever for retailers to turn their foot traffic into more sales.

Tracking “Clickified”

Tracking every metric possible is ideal, but we know salespeople can be short for time when your store gets busy.

Now, with the click of one button from your salespeople, Doorcounts track time with customers, average ticket, sales conversion, and the breakdown of opportunities in your store.

With little to no work from your salespeople, you are gathering key performance metrics that will help you turn your foot traffic into more sales.

Customer Reviews Reimagined

Having Podium integrated means a 5-star customer review is just a click away.

Not only that, but you can see which of your salespeople are getting the best reviews and dig deep into the sales analytics within Doorcounts to see why others aren’t getting the same reviews.

Global Search Remastered

With our newly enhanced global search, finding a customer has never been easier.

You can now search customers by their name, prior sales order, or by specific comments made on the customer.

Trying to find all customers who were interesting in outside furniture or a specific material? Simply search “patio furniture” and Doorcounts will do the rest.

Dashboard Personalized

Whether you are a salesperson, a manager, or an owner, there are different metrics that are important to your work.

With personalized dashboards, each role has its own dashboard that highlights the metrics and charts that helps that person get the most out of every day.

Greatness Rewarded

Introducing a rewards program with awardco.com to encourage desired behaviors and make more sales.

Motivation is extremely important in every business, especially retail.

Depending on which metrics are most important to your company, you can reward salespeople for reaching certain milestones and motivate others to do the same.

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