Old is the new NEW.
After the last years have pushed the hand of many retailers to make the digital transformation, some retailers are seeing the benefits of going back to the old ways.
This week we examine why some retailers are seeing significant returns using old methods. Along with the resurrection of old methods, we take a look at the challenges that a new breed of customer brings to retail.


  • The importance of product information management.
  • Why retailers are returning to an old form of marketing.
  • How to sell to the new type of customers – Gen-Z.
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Product information management

When nearly any and every piece of information is available someplace on the internet, the least you can do is have customers learn about your product from your website -not a competitor.
A recent Digital Trends Report found that 79.1% of retailers are planning to use social media and digital marketing to enhance their customer experience and improve product knowledge.  
With going online comes beefing up the product descriptions across your different platforms. One of the easiest ways to lose a sale is to leave a generic product description that customers can easily gloss over. When in doubt, the Roy Williams method never fails.
Along with a well-written product description, product comparison is just as important.  Making it easier for customers to choose between two different products will make it less likely they get neither option. 

Old is new

Although we just discussed how 79% of retailers are taking more of a digital approach, many retailers are returning to their old methods.
Old methods, such as print advertising, have been around since Tiffany’s “Blue Book” in 1845. Since 1845, the medium has slowly taken the backseat to digital forms of advertising. Not only is print more expensive, but far fewer people read print than those who get their information online.
As many key players in the print world have gone digital, print advertising has become more appetizing for retailers to stand out.
Along with print, direct mail has seen a resurgence lately. Belardi Wong, a marketing agency, says 80-90% of their clients saw heightened response rates in the mail for both customer acquisition and retention within the last year.
At the end of the day, it is never too late to go back to the old ways and see the impact different mediums have on your business.

A new breed

After the millennials, Gen-Z is the next consumer segment to begin living on their own and starting their own lives.  This new generation of customers has unique sets of wants and needs, as well as a unique financial situation.
Most of Gen-Z have money saved from part-time jobs, gifts, and savings over the years without major expenses.
Where Gen-Z stands out is their desire for instant gratification.  You will not find many people in Gen-Z who are willing to wait weeks for a piece of furniture. When they want something, they want it now, not later.
Even though most people in this consumer segment have money saved, Gen-Z is very diligent about price checking on their phones and ensuring they can’t get a better deal elsewhere.
Read more about a salesperson’s experience selling to people in Gen-Z and the takeaways for selling to this new type of customer.

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