Do you ever wish you could read your customers minds’?
Although not everyone is a fan of the digital shift the retail industry has made, it’s hard not to love all the information you can gather with little to no work with digital selling solutions.
This week we take a deep dive into how digital solutions such as e-commerce and virtual showrooms give retailers an abundance of information about what the customer is interested in.


  • Using digital solutions to pick your customer’s brains. 
  • How to build a community of loyal customers through your customer experience.
  • Retailers’ solutions to increased wait times and shipping delays.
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Here’s a look at last week’s foot traffic compared to the same time last year.


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Pick your customers minds’

While going virtual was a total 180-degree turn for most retailers, the tracking and information gathering available with online selling allows retailers to see into the minds of their customers.
Live-stream selling events, online sales, and virtual showrooms give retailers a surplus of information that is not nearly as easy to get with in-person visits. The time a customer spends looking at a specific product, related products viewed, and items sitting in a customer’s cart are all examples of a situation where a surplus of information is gathered.
Interests, price range, and customer expectations are all metrics that are almost instantly gathered through most forms of digital selling and marketing.
In contrast, in-person sales require salespeople to be asking the correct questions to gather the required information. Which as we all know, can be easier said than done.

Winning loyal customers

As stores continue to open and online sales continue to come in, it is key to marry your online and in-store experience to win loyal customers.
A recent survey found that 73% of customers believe that a good in-store visit is the most important factor influencing their brand loyalty – We’ve all experienced that “one” bad experience with a salesperson that makes you never want to buy from that store again.
In the United States, even when people love a company or product, 59% will walk away after several bad experiences, 17% after just one bad experience. Not surprisingly, but every single visit with a customer has great importance as it easily could be their last if they have a bad experience.
For the online world, making sure to find “trouble points” or the point in which most customers abandon their cart, will be key to enhancing your online customer experience.

Retailers vs. shipping delays

Since the beginning of the pandemic, shipping delays and wait times have been a sore subject for retailers alike.  
As many of you know, half the time it wasn’t due to a product shortage, but a shortage of shipping containers to get the product to your store and customers. Even once you get a container, the prices have skyrocketed.
While all this is very common knowledge, knowing how other retailers are handling the situation will give you more ideas on how to deal with frustrated customers. For larger retailers, solving the wait times can be as easy as biting the bullet and paying the increased price. But for smaller retailers, it’s not that easy nor simple.
Certain groups such as the AAFA have pointed out policy solutions to help monitor how the Federal Maritime Commission charges retailers in hopes of giving smaller retailers a solution for the delays and price increases.

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