people counter

Getting a new people counter for your store is an important decision to make. 

Whether you are a “mom and pop” with a single store or a 50 store chain, there is a wide range of options available.

Some of the variables to consider when selecting a system are total daily traffic, average sale value, and salesperson engagement level. Lets take a look at each of these variables and why they are important:

  • Total daily traffic – certain systems are designed for high-traffic environments like malls and large department stores. Depending on your level of traffic, you may be only interested in the raw count vs details about the customer experience in your store.
  • Average sale value – Typically, the larger the ticket, the more engagement required from a knowledgeable salesperson. In this situation, you want to track every step of the customer experience from the moment they walk into your store, talk to your salesperson, and beyond.
  • Customer engagement level – Depending on the two variables above, average daily traffic and average sale value, will determine your salespeople level of engagement with the idea that higher ticket items require more engagement than lower ones.

Other important variables you should consider include API connectivity, customer relationship manager, location tracking, and the technology used.

Which people counter is best for you?

Based on the criteria below, we have identified some options for your consideration as you try to find the best people counting system and turn your data into better insights about your business.

We have identified many people counter solutions that range from basic counts to robust real-time and future data analysis. These were chosen to help the customers we seek to serve and the criteria we mentioned above.

The following people counters have a wide range of pricing,  which makes it even more important that you choose the right system that meets the needs of your business. We have provided links for each people counter listed below for your convenience.


Blix Traffic sensors detect anonymous smartphone signals to provide detailed foot traffic, customer experience, and location analytics data.

Unlike traditional people counters, Blix Traffic measures spaces, not doors, and is up and running in minutes.


Dor utilizes thermal censoring and can be set up in seconds with a simple peel and stick.
This system gives you actionable data such as conversion rate, foot traffic, and effectiveness of advertising that can be accessed on any device, by any person in your organization.

DOR is best for retailers who aren’t looking for an up-board solution, but rather analytics to better understand the customer experience.


Trafsys provides three different options for their tracking: video-based door sensor, 3d overhead sensor, or a thermal imaging people counter.

In contrast to other people counter’s listed, Trafsys provides real-time occupancy tracking software rather than a traffic-counting software.

Trax sales

Trax sales use a photo up-board system and track metrics such as closing ratios, real-time occupancy, average time spent with customers, customer information gathered, and the percentage they’re above or below the store’s goal.


V-count uses Ai-based tracking in a sensor placed on the ceiling. The artificial intelligence is able to track que time, heat map the store, and track multiple key performance metrics.

V-count is able to track occupancy levels which have become a highly requested feature for all traffic counters during the pandemic.

Ai-based tracking combined with night-vision results in 99.9 count accuracy.

Who’s up

Who’s up uses proximity technology to keep the sales team in the designed area for receiving new Ups. This is primarily used in the automotive industry and uses features such as:
Sales team bi-directional messaging for instant communication.
Notifications of empty Batter’s Box (no reps in Up designated area).
Simple Check-In, Check Out for reps.
Configurable sales process steps and actions.
CRM integration.
Test Drive route tracking and capture.

In addition to the up system, Who’s Up has a customer relationship management system built-in.

People counting device vs. people counting system

First, you need to understand the different types of traffic counters.  There are basic traffic counting devices, and then there are full-on traffic counting systems.

  • People counting device – Strictly gives you a number of how many people walked through the door.
  • Sales engagement system – This aggregates the data from above and includes the result of the interaction with your sales team and any follow-up required.
  • People counting system – Typically gives analysis and reporting on key performance metrics about your foot traffic.

People counting technology

When it comes to traffic counting technology, there is a wide array of options to choose from. Here is a shortlist of the most popular:

  • Thermal imaging -Thermal imaging provides extremely accurate counts and hides personal identifying information due to the images not showing customer’s faces
  • Motion sensors – New algorithms allow for motion sensors to identify if a customer is entering or exiting a store.
  • AI-based tracking systems – AI-based tracking systems are the newest technology in the people tracking realm. AI tracking uses machine learning to improve the counts as time goes on.
  • Proximity tracking technology – Proximity tracking allows for heat-mapping of a store and allows for que-time tracking.
  • Wifi location tracking / mobile device tracking – Every phone has a unique MAC address that allows for customer experience tracking (ie, where did the customer come from)
  • Camera tracking – Door counters that use a camera often are paired with motion sensors within the camera to accurately track counts and an image on the up-board so salespeople never miss a sale.

In a nutshell

Where most people counters track and analyze foot traffic, we help your teams sell more…

That’s if you’re a  multi-store, large-ticket, brick-and-mortar retailer who wants to grow. We believe the more informed you are about your options, the more you will appreciate what we have created.  Again, every system is designed for a set of unique circumstances and when this is understood, you are more likely to find the people counting system that is right for you.

Obviously, we would love to have you as a Doorcounts customer, but only if it is the best option for your business.