No matter how much shopping behaviors have changed over the years, one thing that hasn’t changed is the concern consumers have about delays during the holiday season.

No customer wants to be left in the dark when it comes to delays or really anything related to their purchases.

This week we take a look into the minds of consumers to see what they are thinking and what their biggest concerns are this holiday season.


  • Future shopping trends: What can we expect from shoppers in 2022?
  • Consumers’ biggest fears: How honesty and transparency can help get consumers over the buying line.
  • Buy nothing revolution: How a Facebook group is giving away goods for free to all.


Here’s a look at last week’s foot traffic compared to the same time last year.

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What’s on consumers’ minds?

On Intercom’s recent Holiday Shopping Experience Report, they surveyed consumers to see what their biggest concerns and feelings are when it comes to holiday shopping this year.

Of the 1000 people surveyed, Seventy-seven percent of respondents said they were concerned about having problems while shopping online this year. Despite the rise in e-commerce this year, it’s clear that people still have their doubts about online shopping.

Some of the top concerns of online shoppers were mostly related to shipping and delays. 45% of people are concerned their packages won’t arrive on time, 33% are concerned the items they want won’t be available, and 42% believe the price will be more expensive than anticipated.

In regards to shipping delays, nearly 95% of consumers say they expect companies to reach out about shipping delays before they have to ask. As I think we all can relate, being in the dark about when your package will come is not the best feeling.

What’s clear from the report is that keeping customers in the loop before they have to ask, whether it be about availability or shipping, will help eliminate a majority of their concerns and help get them across the buying line.

Future shopping trends

As we are sure you have all noticed, shopping trends have continued to shift and turn in different directions throughout the last year.

In a recent report by WBR Insights, they surveyed 100 leaders from B2C retail brand manufacturers and multi-brand retailers to get insights on how consumers are shopping now, and how that will change in the future.

The report found that 46% of retailers believe consumers are doing research online before shopping, unlike in the past where consumers would browse different stores as their form of research. While consumers still want the instant satisfaction of shopping in person, it is essential to keep your website up-to-date for consumers to do adequate research.

As personalized shopping experiences continue to be expected by consumers, scheduled shopping arrangements have become a popular way to give customers a special experience. About half (48%) of people claim that customers will most likely shop in their physical stores this year via pre-arranged appointments, with 66% of retailers reporting that they plan to use appointment scheduling to manage their in-store customer experiences. 

“Buy nothing” revolution

As inflation and the prices of goods continue to go up, consumers are searching for new ways to get the goods they want at a reasonable price – and now they have found a way to get products at zero cost.

The Buy Nothing revolution is a Facebook group with over 4.3 million members in 44 countries. The group exchanges goods they no longer need for free, with the motto of “what goes around, comes around”. Essentially, people give away their items for free knowing that others will do the same for them.

People are exchanging everything from furniture, to baby clothes, to appliances, and everything in-between.  Members can request or offer any item or service as long as it’s legal; although buying, selling and bartering are prohibited.

Although the idea is to help those who cannot afford to buy something new, it is also a way to emphasize zero waste and to give new life to goods that others no longer need.

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