How many times have you told a friend about a positive in-store experience you had?


Although a majority of positive in-store experiences will go unheard of, 83% of consumers will likely tell others about a poor in-store experience.


This week is all about consumers rising expectations for in-store experiences and discuss the current state of consumer behavior.


  • Consumer habits: How the younger generations are setting the bar high for brick-and-mortar experiences.
  • 2022 State of Consumer Behavior report: everything you need to know about what consumers are thinking.

  • Q1 Benchmark Report: Click HERE to download the report.

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Here’s a look at last week’s foot traffic compared to the same time last year.

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Week 20 Retail Foot traffic 2022


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Understanding evolving consumer habits

Unfortunately, over the last few years, we have seen consumers raise their expectations for retail experiences.


Shoppers now expect much more than a simple brick-and-mortar experience, they want to be wowed.


Consumers, and younger consumers in particular, are gravitated toward experimental retail experiences. Younger consumers are so accustomed to e-commerce shopping, that unless there is a unique experience, there is little to no reason for them to not shop online as they normally would.


Although the experience is most important to consumers, savings is a close second. A recent survey by TotalRetail found that 24.8% of consumers, the largest group, say that a store offering exclusive in-store discounts is the surest way to coax them into a new store.


At the end of the day, brand loyalty is declining and anything you can do to make the customer feel special will go a long way.

Consumers by the data

This week, Raydiant released their State of Consumer Behavior 2022 report with endless amounts of useful information on anything and everything about consumers.


One of the major takeaways was that 44% of consumers still prefer to shop in-store rather than online. At the same time, 27.6% cited the allure of in-store experiences as their primary reason for shopping in stores.


Probably the most shocking statistic to me was that 54.6% of respondents said that they have completely abandoned a brand because of a single bad in-store experience. While it can take multiple visits to gain trust, it only takes one visit to lose it all.


Although a majority of positive in-store experiences will go unheard of, 83% of consumers will likely tell others about a poor in-store experience.


Click HERE to read the full report on the state of consumer behavior.

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