From predominately digital stores going physical to physical stores going digital, it has become increasingly hard to predict where the industry is headed.


After 7 years, Amazon is officially closing all of its book stores, switching its focus to its physical grocery stores. And as that happens, physical grocers are going digital to embrace the online grocery shopping trend.


This week we uncover the shifts we are seeing major retailers take over the past few months.


  • Amazons Brick and Mortar fall: The journey from digital, to physical, and back to digital.
  • Doorcounts integration: Doorcounts announces integration with PerformNOW

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Here’s a look at last week’s foot traffic compared to the same time last year.

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Week 29 Retail Foot traffic 2022


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Amazon exits physical retail

Despite shoppers returning to physical stores, Amazon has decided to close all of its bookstores, 4-star stores, and pop-ups.


Amazon will continue to expand its grocery stores but is abandoning its roots of selling books in a physical store. Aside from Whole Foods, including locations opening this month, the company runs 85 grocery-oriented stores: 58 Amazon Fresh in the U.S. and U.K. and 27 Amazon Go convenience stores.


In Q1 of this year, Amazon saw a 3% decline in its online retail sales, yet its physical stores saw a dramatic increase year over year.


So why close all their stores? Amazon’s business is centered around logistics, technology, advertising, and as of late, less and less retail.


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Doorcounts announces integration with PerformNOW

We are pleased to announce our integration with PerformNOW, the largest retail home furnishing industry performance group.


This technology automatically reads all Doorcounts’ traffic analytics and sales data and integrates it into PerformNOW’s CRM platform. Fast mobile-enabled metrics, automation of follow-ups via email or text, task assignment, and visual pipeline tracking enable businesses to focus on converting more leads and increasing average sale.


One common user, Gardner Malouf, of Malouf Furniture, says, “PerformNOW and Doorcounts are indispensable in our business. Doorcounts is our traffic counter, our up system, and used for sales analytics. It integrates with PerformNOW, which we use for website tracking, sales follow-up automation, open order follow-up, delivery communications, service ticketing, and re-marketing. Integrated technology is critical in managing the customer experience and getting ahead of the competition.”


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