While AI was once a far-fetched idea, companies such as Dal-e have proven the power of AI through their text-to-image generator.
But how far is AI from becoming a valuable asset for the retail industry?
This week we diverge into the future of the industry and how to keep your store secure in the new world of retail.


  • Failed Orbit: Pandemic trends that failed to reach orbit.
  • Finding the balance: The blending of the physical and digital worlds.
  • AI in retail: Gimmick or Game-changer?
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AI in retail: Gimmick or Game-changer?

While AI was once a far-fetched idea, companies such as Dal-e have proven the power of AI through their text-to-image generator.
Automation, data, and technology, like machine learning algorithms, are used in retail AI to give customers highly customized shopping experiences.
By 2028, the global AI in retail market size is expected to reach $24.1 billion. The growth comes from the endless amount of possibilities AI brings into the market, such as COVID-19 impact analysis, higher supply chain capabilities, higher efficiency in saving cost and optimizing the experience for customers.
While that all sounds amazing, only time will tell how long it will take for AI to meet these insane expectations.


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Computer vision in retail

Retailers who successfully leverage computer vision with diagnostic, proactive, and predictive analytics are gaining the much-needed competitive edge.
Computer vision provides video and audio for additional context, complementing other types of data.  No matter if you are at your store for 9 hours a day, or an hour a week, it is impossible to see everything the way artificial intelligence can comprehend every second of the day.
The combination of foot traffic data and AI allows you to not only see exactly how long a customer was in a store, but you can see exactly where customers are spending their time.


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