Just as sound has the power to captivate and immerse, color possesses an equally remarkable ability to anchor and transform.

Imagine this: by carefully selecting the perfect palette for each section of your store, you can weave a personalized shopping experience for your customers, all without them consciously realizing the magic at work.

In this week’s edition, we dive into the captivating realm of color and its profound impact on the customer experience. Additionally, we will look at how this Memorial Weekend compared to years past.


  • Color hacks: How color can transform the way your shoppers think.
  • Memorial Weekend Wrap-up: How did different industries compare to last year?

  • Q1 2023 Benchmark Report: Click HERE to see how your store compares to the industry average.


Industry insights so you can convert your foot traffic into more sales.

Traffic Watch: Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is traditionally a significant time for retail, and analyzing foot traffic trends can offer valuable insights into industry performance and consumer behavior. Here’s our breakdown of the holiday weekend:


Furniture Industry: The furniture industry experienced a 14% decrease in foot traffic compared to last year’s Memorial Day weekend. While this decline indicates some challenges, it’s important to note that the industry still attracted a considerable number of visitors during the holiday weekend.


Mattress Industry: Foot traffic in the mattress industry declined by 30% compared to the previous year’s Memorial Day weekend. 


Appliance Industry: The appliance industry witnessed a decline of 26% in foot traffic when compared to the same period last year. Although the industry saw a significant decrease, foot traffic still exceeded the weekend average.


Footwear Industry: In contrast to the aforementioned industries, the footwear sector experienced a 2% increase in foot traffic compared to last year’s Memorial Day weekend. 

Changing colors

Colors have a remarkable way of stirring emotions and perceptions, and it’s fascinating to explore the subjectivity behind our interpretations. What one person sees as blue, another may insist is purple. 

Research reveals that our personal preferences, experiences, upbringing, cultural backgrounds, and the context in which we encounter colors all contribute to our brain’s interpretation of them. It’s a mesmerizing blend of science and subjectivity.

Just like how the perfect soundtrack can transform a movie scene, colors have the power to anchor and shape our retail spaces. Their primal function allows our brains to swiftly make connections, helping us perceive shapes, gauge distances, and even sense temperature in our environment.

Imagine the possibilities when you take the time to deliberately choose the right colors for specific areas of your store. It’s like a hidden superpower that enables you to personalize the shopping experience for every visitor, subtly influencing their perception without them consciously realizing how.


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