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We are pleased to announce the release of Doorcounts CRM as an automatic upgrade to the previous version.

You may know the previous version as Doorman. Now it’s Doorcounts CRM and this new version offers 43 new and improved features.

We are pleased to announce the release of Doorcounts CRM as an automatic upgrade to the previous version.

You may know the previous version as Doorman. Now it’s Doorcounts CRM and this new version offers 43 new and improved features.

Connect before they buy somewhere else

It was over eight years ago we started as a simple foot traffic counter. Believe it or not, we still have customers who’ve remained on that original version over the years.

Today, Doorcounts CRM is a powerful Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) with a Photo Up-Board, Follow-up Calendar, One-click Reviews, Real-time Performance Charts and POS Data Integration.

Doorcounts CRM is the only stand-alone Customer Relationship Management system created specifically for the unique needs of furniture, mattress and appliance stores, but it’s also excellent for any brick-and-mortar retailer, such as jewelry, music, outdoor and footwear.

A major shift is redefining success and failure

This new release comes when brick-and-mortar retailers everywhere face uncertain times ahead. This is because a major shift is changing the way shoppers buy.

Numerous studies show approximately 70 percent of shoppers have already done their research online and know what they want to buy when they visit a physical store.

Another interesting statistic is approximately 70 percent of shoppers who visit a physical store leave without making a purchase.

Fast follow-up is the key

Until recently, traditional advertising was the primary driver of retail sales, with minimal resources allocated to follow-up activity.

As a successful retailer, you know the value of a CRM that makes it easy to stay connected and follow up on every sales opportunity.

With 43 new features, Doorcounts CRM offers 69 real-time charts and reports covering 75 essential metrics. No other system comes close to the awesome power of Doorcounts CRM.

Now you can make the most of every sales opportunity

As markets move in new directions, some retailers will cling to old methods, and others will see this moment as opportunity unfolding. Doorcounts CRM helps the former let go of the past and join the latter in making the most of what is to come.

If you haven’t seen what’s new at Doorcounts, check it out here!

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Looking Forward to a Q3 Comeback

Did you know that some of the most successful companies were born in times of severe economic downturn? 

Here are some that you may be familiar with:

  • Thomas Edison launched General Electric right as the world was heading into The Panic of 1893
  • The Disney Brothers started the first Disney company in the 1920’s  just as the Great Depression came upon them
  • Trader Joe’s launched in the Recession of 1958
  • Microsoft started at the onslaught of the 1973 oil crisis and stock market crash
  • Google and Salesforce launched right before the dotcom bubble burst in the early 2000’s
  • Uber got going in 2009 right after the 2008 stock market crash
  • Netflix started in 1997 at the start of a worldwide financial crisis 

During our last Friedman/Doorcounts webinar, Grabbing Sales by the Roots, we polled our audience. We asked a couple of questions about how things are going for them, in this new “normal”. [By the way, if you haven’t had a chance yet, check out the webinar Doorcounts hosted with Friedman, entitled “Opening in the NEW NORMAL-equipping your staff to handle the change.” ]


  1. What percentage of “Normal” are you currently operating at? 

Answer 1: 40-60%: 30.4% said they were operating at 40-60%

Answer 2: 60-80%: 56.5% said they were operating at 60-80%

Answer 3: 80-100%: 13.0% said they were operating at 80-100%

Looks like 56.5% of our retailers that were on that webinar are back up and running at 60-80% of their normal capacity. 

  1. What concerns you most about reopening?

Answer 1: Customer openness to the New Normal 39.1%

Answer 2: Employee openness to the New Normal 39.1%

Answer 3: Making the right decisions about how/when to open 4.3%

Answer 4: Something else 17.4%

Employee and customer openness look like they are top of mind, receiving 39.1% each of webinar attendee votes.

  1. Do you know what your current conversion rate is?

Answer 1: Yes 21.7% 

Answer 2: No 78.3% 

78.3% do not know what their current conversion rate is. One of the things we say at Doorcounts is, “What gets measured gets improved.” Just knowing what your conversion rate is will improve performance among your employees. PSST!!… Check out this video on our new website where we address this very subject!

  1. If you do track conversion rate, do you track individual along with store conversion rate? 

Answer 1: Yes 56.5% 

Answer 2: No 43.5% 

This is good news. If attendees did track conversion, they tracked individual sales reps’ conversion as well! It’s important for employees to know how they rank among their peers, as well as overall.

We would love to hear what you’re doing to make Q3 a successful comeback. What are you struggling with? Is there anything Doorcounts or The Friedman Group to help you transition back?


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[Webinar Replay] “Opening in the NEW NORMAL-equipping your staff to handle the change.”

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