Why Growth is Hard

Retail Growth

Nobody knows better than you how hard it is to start and grow a business.

Sure, there are those times when things are easy. But even during the “easy times”, you remember how hard you worked to get where your are today.

The good news is, once we’ve experienced some success, we have a repeatable approach to operating a successful business.

But if simply repeating a process was all it took to be successful, anyone could do it.

And it’s true in many instances-it’s like baking a cake. Follow the recipe and you will get a consistent result.

This is what happens in most businesses. We strive to find a recipe that works and we repeat it.

But in every business, at a certain point, repeating what has worked in the past is a recipe for

maintenance, not growth. Unless, of course, your recipe is to grow, but…


You may be thinking: “I’m happy where my business is and I really don’t want to grow.” To think about stepping out into the same world of growth that got you where you are can be paralyzing.

In his book, The War of Art , Steven Pressfield explains how an entrepreneur is an artist—just like a musician, writer or painter. And every artist is called to create. It is in your nature, it is who you are and it is how you got to where you are.

In most stories there is a villain and in this one the villain is resistance. This how Mr. Pressfield describes the force that prevents us from reaching our full potential and tapping into the source of true creativity that exists in each of us.

The primary way resistance manifests is in procrastination. And the biggest form of procrastination is waiting for inspiration. Anyone who has waited for inspiration to get started knows the wait is never-ending.

The key is to start with purpose. When purpose touches hard work, she gives birth to inspiration that opens up new worlds of opportunity.

At the end of the day, it’s up to each of us to know how much we want to grow. And it’s up to each of us to recognize the resistance that is preventing us from reaching our destiny.

So remember as you begin your journey to new growth, it is human nature to resist the work that creativity demands. But once you commit to the task at hand, you will awaken inspiration, and the world will find ways to help you grow

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The Surprising 1%

Starting today, if you make a 1% improvement to your business every day, what will your results be in one year?

It’s called The Theory of Marginal Gains,

…and it took famed cycling coach, Sir Dave Brailsford, 5 years of 1% improvements to lead the British Cycling Team from winning only a single Gold Medal in 76 years, to 10 Gold Medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

In terms of money, if you increased $100 by 1% a day you would have $3,337.34 in one year.

Is there something in your business you could improve by 1% this very moment?

If you run a successful business, you see opportunities for improvement everywhere you look. The question always comes down to: Is the change the improvement requires really worth the effort—especially if the improvement is only 1%?

But for Sir Brailsford, a 76-year losing streak left a lot of opportunity for 1% improvements.

…So does a national shutdown of our economy.

Sir Brailsford did everything, from rubbing alcohol on tires to make them stick to the road better, to finding the best massage oil for faster muscle recovery, and even the perfect pillow and mattress for the best night’s sleep.

What’s your 1%?

Pick something and get started…

But before you do, here’s a few tips on how to get started:

Cast your vision of the future and include everyone in it.

People are naturally resistant to change and, if you want them to improve, you need to cast a vision of the future they can see themselves in. Once your vision is clear, break it into recurring 90 day execution plans and inspire your teams to find opportunities for 1% improvements.

Make performance data available at every opportunity.

The question is, do you have the data of past performance to see the opportunities for even the smallest of improvements in the future? If you do, make it available to all stakeholders, and show them how essential it is to your mutual success.

Measure marginal improvements at every opportunity.

Like they say, if you measure it, it will improve. With a truly transparent system of performance measurement, the 1% opportunities will reveal themselves as each day unfolds. The key is to make the data a part of daily life, something everyone looks forward to seeing.

During these challenging times, let Sir Brailsford’s story of how he turned a 76-year losing streak into extraordinary success, inspire you to find the 1% improvements within your business, where ever they may be.

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