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Retail Traffic Trends #40: Consumers take their revenge

As customers continue the trend of spending more than they usually do, sales have been hotter than H-E double hockey sticks. Some people call it revenge shopping, which is making up for lost time with increased spending. This can make …

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Retail Traffic Trends #39: Retail analytics moves to the forefront

After a what’s turning out to be a record year, it’s onwards and upwards to see what the future holds for retail analytics. This month, many of you will be attending your first in-person conferences in more than a year …

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Cognitive bias and the “Backwards Brain Bicycle”

Check out this video about the “Backwards Brain Bicycle” and how our brains work when we have to relearn something we think we already know. It struck me as especially meaningful, given the speed of change businesses are experiencing due to …

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Retail Traffic Trends #38: Retail’s Record-Breaking Month

What separates a good month from a great month? As we start the second week of August, it’s time to sit back and pat ourselves on the back for a record-breaking month in the retail industry. In July, both the …

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Retail Traffic Trends #37: Read your customers minds’

Do you ever wish you could read your customers minds’?   Although not everyone is a fan of the digital shift the retail industry has made, it’s hard not to love all the information you can gather with little to …

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Retail Traffic Trends #36: Old is new

Old is the new NEW. After the last years have pushed the hand of many retailers to make the digital transformation, some retailers are seeing the benefits of going back to the old ways. This week we examine why some retailers are …

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