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Where’s YOUR Blind Spot?

Our introduction video ends by saying: “Either you are closing your eyes to a situation you do not wish to see, or you are unaware of how many people are walking away.” There are things we cannot see without the …

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Grains of Gold

Can you remember every detail and decision that got your business to where it is today? Of course you can’t… (Watch this video series and see how you can!) These memories are buried in mountains of information that make the …

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How much change can you spare when it comes to growing your business?

There is no way to avoid disruption to your business caused by adding a new location, a change of location, or even a remodel. These are physical or external changes. But what about the disruption caused by internal changes such …

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When Does Your Customer Become a Customer?

It’s ironic that it can be easier to connect to someone halfway around the world on the internet than it is to connect the moment someone enters your store. Our benchmark research shows that an average of 13% of shoppers …

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The Forest for the Trees

“Can’t see the forest for the trees..” is part of an expression used when you are too close or too involved to see something you need to see. This is where averages can be useful. They let you zoom out …

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Growth and Recession

Just as there are seasons in a year, there are business cycles in our economy. In the same way that spring brings the promise of new growth, the first phase in a business cycle signals economic expansion. Economic expansion leads …

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