When it comes to your retail traffic conversion rate, seeing is believing

Ever felt like you should be doing better but you can’t see what’s holding you back? Some people say that seeing is believing, and there are those who say believing is seeing. It is true that sometimes we can’t see …

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The Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence

Have you ever seen an opportunity to grow your business before there was evidence it existed? Or do you say,” I’ll believe it when I see it?” The thing is, we typically only see the full potential of something after …

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What would you say to a 10x ROI

What would you say to a 1,000% return on your Doorcounts investment (ROI) for every 1% increase you make to your foot-traffic conversion rate? That’s a minimum of a 10x return on your investment! Sound too good to be true? …

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Skyrocket Your Business Growth–Fueled by the Guiding Principles that Matter Most

You know your business requires constant improvement. But improvement means change, and not everyone deals with change in the same way. At least once a day we hear a potential customer say they have too much going on to make …

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74% of shoppers leave without buying! But what you can’t see won’t hurt you, right? WRONG!!!

It’s true, 74% of large-ticket retail shoppers leave without buying what they came for. This is according to our Q1 Retail Benchmark Report that includes the performance data from over 2,000 salespeople. Do you see every customer who leaves your …

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Here’s Your Winning Ticket!

Whether it’s Super Bowl champions or your local high school, winning teams tape their games and track statistics to improve their performance. Imagine what a post game practice would be like if a team didn’t watch footage of their games …

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