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Retail Traffic Trends #34: Q2 2021 Metrics by sales volume

What separates the big leagues from the minor league or the leaders from followers?This week we take a look at the second quarter metrics by sales volume to see how those who are selling at maximum potential compare to those …

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Retail Traffic Trends #33: How does your store stack up?

After an eventful month, we can finally take a breather and enjoy the fruits of July. With father’s day and the 4th of July within the last month, there is much to debrief when it comes to analyzing traffic patterns …

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Retail Traffic Trends #32: Selling to the reimagined customer

From new sales techniques to the ever-evolving expectations of customers, a lot has changed in the last year. According to Accenture, one of the major changes was the birth of a new type of customer – the reimagined customer. As always …

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Retail Traffic Trends #31: Are you selling your store short?

As we wrap up a holiday weekend like Father’s Day, it’s easy to see how your sales team would start looking forward to the next holiday sale. The problem in this mindset is that just because the holiday ended, doesn’t …

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Retail Traffic Trends #30: Get your head in the game

What do you lose when your sales team is not at the top of their game? Get our upcoming research report where we take a deep dive into what’s working and how you can instantly put these insights into action and make …

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Retail Traffic Trends #29

Each month that we report on retail analytics we are blown away by the rebound retailers have made since retail stood still this time last year. May 2021 was no exception with retailers seeing major improvements from both last month, and …

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