Retail Traffic Trends #122: Out with the Old, In with the New

From historically digital stores going physical, to physical stores going digital, it has become increasingly hard to predict where the industry is headed. After 7 years, Amazon is officially closing all of its book stores, switching its focus to its …

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Retail Traffic Trends #121: Change is coming, are you ready?

While some trends come and go, there were a few trends that have stayed with consumers throughout the year. This week we look at how new technologies have the potential to have unique use-cases for retail stores. THIS WEEK’S HIGHLIGHTS …

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Retail Traffic Trends #120: The Next Retail Wave

Tools like ChatGPT have put the capabilities of AI at the fingertips of everyone — and people all over the world are now recognizing that these tools can do incredible things. It can answer questions, write poetry, create texts in …

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Retail Traffic Trends #119: Retail’s Artificial Eye

While AI was once a far-fetched idea, companies such as Dal-e have proven the power of AI through their text-to-image generator. But how far is AI from becoming a valuable asset for the retail industry? This week we diverge into the future …

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Retail Traffic Trends #118: February 2023 Metrics are in! 📊🕰️

As we start March, it’s time to look back on February to see how top-performing stores performed in the second month of 2023. With increases in foot traffic for multiple industries, both the furniture and mattress industries found ways to …

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Retail Traffic Trends #117: Perfecting the Phygital Experience.

The Pandemic brought on many retail trends that will stay for the foreseeable future, but also created trends that are worth leaving behind.  Almost three years after the pandemic, some retail tech innovations have hit their expiration dates. This week …

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