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74% of shoppers leave without buying! But what you can’t see won’t hurt you, right? WRONG!!!

It’s true, 74% of large-ticket retail shoppers leave without buying what they came for. This is according to our Q1 Retail Benchmark Report that includes the performance data from over 2,000 salespeople. Do you see every customer who leaves your …

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Here’s Your Winning Ticket!

Whether it’s Super Bowl champions or your local high school, winning teams tape their games and track statistics to improve their performance. Imagine what a post game practice would be like if a team didn’t watch footage of their games …

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A Trip You Wouldn’t Take

Imagine getting in your car to take your family to see the Grand Canyon. The car is loaded and everyone’s excited to go. You look down at your dashboard and see nothing. No speedometer, fuel gauge, not a thing. Would …

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Where’s YOUR Blind Spot?

Our introduction video ends by saying: “Either you are closing your eyes to a situation you do not wish to see, or you are unaware of how many people are walking away.” There are things we cannot see without the …

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Grains of Gold

Can you remember every detail and decision that got your business to where it is today? Of course you can’t… (Watch this video series and see how you can!) These memories are buried in mountains of information that make the …

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How much change can you spare when it comes to growing your business?

There is no way to avoid disruption to your business caused by adding a new location, a change of location, or even a remodel. These are physical or external changes. But what about the disruption caused by internal changes such …

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