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Silent Quitting

Retail Traffic Trends #92: How silent quitting is affecting retail workers

Retailers across the country are noticing their workers participating in retail’s latest trend – Silent Quitting. While a majority of the trends we discuss regard trends that help you sell more, silent quitting has become a red flag to look …

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Retail Traffic Trends #91: The Future of Computer Vision in Retail

Retailers who successfully leverage computer vision with diagnostic, proactive, and predictive analytics are gaining the much-needed competitive edge. Not only are you able to get a competitive edge, but you can also see how shopping habits change in real-time This …

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Connected Technology in Retail

Retail Traffic Trends #90: Connected Technology and the key to retail success

Over the past few years we have seen industries switch from being predominately digital to physical, and vice versa. With so many twists and turns throughout the retail industry lately, it has become increasingly hard to determine which trends are …

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Retail Traffic Trends #89: July Metrics are in!

As we head into the second half of Q3, it’s once again time to see what it takes to become a top-performing store.   Despite this July having less foot traffic than last year, both the furniture and mattress industry …

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Retail Traffic Trends #88: State of Retail Mid-2022

As we head into the second half of the year, researchers and analysts are fast at work predicting what we should expect to see in the second half of the year.   Retail sales are now forecast to grow between …

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Retail Traffic Trends #87: Change is coming to the retail industry

From predominately digital stores going physical to physical stores going digital, it has become increasingly hard to predict where the industry is headed. After 7 years, Amazon is officially closing all of its book stores, switching its focus to its …

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