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Introducing the Daily Retail Traffic Index

It’s finally here! The Daily Retail Traffic Index lets you compare your store traffic to your industry’s average daily foot traffic. Now you can bask in the satisfaction of knowing you’re beating the industry average. Or maybe the Daily Retail …

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How to fix a leaky sales funnel in 7 easy steps

If you operate a successful business, you know there are always things that could work better, but sometimes it’s hard to see exactly what and how. Take the process you use to acquire new customers, your sales funnel. At its …

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*NEW* Doorcounts CRM

We are pleased to announce the release of Doorcounts CRM as an automatic upgrade to the previous version. You may know the previous version as Doorman. Now it’s Doorcounts CRM and this new version offers 43 new and improved features. We are …

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The Surprising 1%

Starting today, if you make a 1% improvement to your business every day, what will your results be in one year? It’s called The Theory of Marginal Gains, …and it took famed cycling coach, Sir Dave Brailsford, 5 years of …

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How Much Money Are You Leaving on the Table?

How much money are you leaving on the table? See for yourself. [convertcalculator id=”momHT9Rt3fCNL3Eqe”] According to an informal survey we conducted during a recent seminar, 78% of the retailers surveyed did not know their sales conversion rate.  It was Jonathan …

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“I knew that IT was going to transform my business” And IT DID!

At the beginning of this crazy 2020, our Doorcounts team went to Nationwide Primetime. While we were there, we hosted a session where we gave away a Doorcounts system and one year subscription. Our friends at Dos Marcos Podcast follows up in …

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