Retail Traffic Trends #43: Customers plan their return

The great retail migration is coming. Customers are just as eager as retailers are to get back to shopping at brick-and-mortar stores. With 71% of shoppers already shopping in-store at least once a week, customers are starting to get their toes …

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Retail Traffic Trends #42: August fights back.

This year has been a year of making the most out of what you got.  This has meant making more sales out of fewer customers than in years past. For August 2021, thanks to salespeople doing what they do best, …

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Retail Traffic Trends #41: Location is key

There’s a lot that’s changed in the retail industry in the last few years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the significance of a store’s location. Whether it be a mattress store closer to a customer’s home who wants …

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people counter

Which People Counter is Best for Your Store?

Read the updated 2023 People Counter Report HERE. Getting a new people counter for your store is an important decision to make.  Whether you are a “mom and pop” with a single store or a 50 store chain, there is …

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Retail Traffic Trends #40: Consumers take their revenge

As customers continue the trend of spending more than they usually do, sales have been hotter than H-E double hockey sticks. Some people call it revenge shopping, which is making up for lost time with increased spending. This can make …

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Retail Traffic Trends #39: Retail analytics moves to the forefront

After a what’s turning out to be a record year, it’s onwards and upwards to see what the future holds for retail analytics. This month, many of you will be attending your first in-person conferences in more than a year …

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