Retail Traffic Trends #75: Customer Experience takes the cake

The customer experience has become so important to customers that most consumers would rather sit in a traffic jam than have a bad customer experience. Although most people will tell you they would rather talk to a human than a …

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Retail Traffic Trends #74: The Test of Time

We have seen endless trends come and go, but since the inception of Retail Traffic Trends, Buy Now Pay later has become a bedrock in the industry. Shoppers are becoming so comfortable using these types of services that 57% of …

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Retail Traffic Trends #73: March 2022 Recap

As we are about halfway through April, let us take a moment to see what it takes to become a top-performing store. Despite less foot traffic than last March, both the furniture and mattress industry saw over a 10% increase …

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Retail Traffic Trends #72: March Foot traffic shows promise

Getting a customer to cross the buying line is a task in itself when it comes to big-ticket items, and keeping them coming back for more is a whole other beast. Even with foot traffic returning to normal, it is …

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Visual Commerce Simplified

Retail Traffic Trends #71: Visual commerce simplified

This week we discuss visual commerce and what different retail industries can learn from other sectors. The pictures you display on your store windows and website, and the quality of the content has a major impact on getting customers across …

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Retail Traffic Trends #70: Wireless 5G revolutionizing retail

While phones used to only do the simple task of calling, new technologies and the speed from cellular has made 5G a viable option for retailers. 5G gives the possibility of a life without internet issues at work, with many …

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