Retail Traffic Trends #87: Change is coming to the retail industry

From predominately digital stores going physical to physical stores going digital, it has become increasingly hard to predict where the industry is headed. After 7 years, Amazon is officially closing all of its book stores, switching its focus to its …

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Retail Traffic Trends #86: 🚨 Retail predictions are in 🚨

Over the last few years, foot traffic and retail trends have been changing rapidly from week to week.   After a nearly 2-year period of people working from home, downtowns are slowly starting to reach pre-pandemic levels of foot traffic, …

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Retail Traffic Trends #85: Biometrics and the world of personalization

Similar to how sound can anchor retail spaces, so can color. By taking the time to choose the right colors for the right areas of your store, you can personalize the shopping experience for people in your store without them …

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Retail Traffic Trends #84: June Metrics are in!

As we start Q3, let us take a moment to see what it takes to become a top-performing store. Despite this June having less foot traffic than last year, both the furniture and mattress industry saw significant increases to their …

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Retail Traffic Trends #83: The End of Third-Party Data

Customers no longer want a personalized shopping experience, they expect it. As consumers become more aware of what information they give, and regulations continue to make it increasingly hard to collect data third-party data, first-party data has become a necessity. …

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Retail Traffic Trends #82: Augmented Reality’s impact on returns

Over the 82 weeks of us discussing retail trends, both augmented reality and AI has gone from far-fetched ideas to viable tools for retailers. Not only does AR allow shoppers to feel more confident in their purchases, but it has …

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