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Visual Commerce Simplified

Retail Traffic Trends #71: Visual commerce simplified

This week we discuss visual commerce and what different retail industries can learn from other sectors. The pictures you display on your store windows and website, and the quality of the content has a major impact on getting customers across …

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Retail Traffic Trends #70: Wireless 5G revolutionizing retail

While phones used to only do the simple task of calling, new technologies and the speed from cellular has made 5G a viable option for retailers. 5G gives the possibility of a life without internet issues at work, with many …

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Precision Retail at the Forefront

Retail Traffic Trends #69: Precision retail at the forefront

This week we look at precision retail and the importance that integration has on perfecting the customer journey. As Buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) continues to gain popularity among consumers, it has started to blur the lines between digital …

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Retail Traffic Trends #68: February 2022 benchmark

Despite less foot traffic than last February, both the furniture and mattress industry saw over a 15% increase to their average tickets in February 2022. As we head into the final stretch of Q1, let us take a moment to …

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Doorcounts and Always AI partner announcement

Doorcounts™ Selects alwaysAI® as Its Computer Vision Partner for Real-Time Retail Analytics

Doorcounts™, an Oregon-based SaaS company, and computer vision platform leader, alwaysAI®, announced a strategic partnership to provide ground-breaking computer vision analytics for brick and mortar retailers across a wide array of industries including home furnishing, mattress, footwear, quick service restaurants, …

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Data Driven Customer Experiences

Retail Traffic Trends #67: Data-driven customer experiences

As we have seen predominately in the last few years, data drives everything.   One of the biggest upsides for companies that have slowly switched to digital avenues after years of purely physical selling is the wealth of data and …

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